VR Interaction Framework v2.0
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BNG.VRTextInput Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BNG.VRTextInput:

Public Member Functions

void OnInputSelect ()
void OnInputDeselect ()

Public Attributes

bool AttachToVRKeyboard = true
bool ActivateKeyboardOnSelect = true
bool DeactivateKeyboardOnDeselect = false
VRKeyboard AttachedKeyboard

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnInputDeselect()

void BNG.VRTextInput.OnInputDeselect ( )

◆ OnInputSelect()

void BNG.VRTextInput.OnInputSelect ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ ActivateKeyboardOnSelect

bool BNG.VRTextInput.ActivateKeyboardOnSelect = true

◆ AttachedKeyboard

VRKeyboard BNG.VRTextInput.AttachedKeyboard

◆ AttachToVRKeyboard

bool BNG.VRTextInput.AttachToVRKeyboard = true

◆ DeactivateKeyboardOnDeselect

bool BNG.VRTextInput.DeactivateKeyboardOnDeselect = false

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