VR Interaction Framework v2.0
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BNG.VRUtils Class Reference

Static Utilities to help with development, such as logging to World Space. More...

Inheritance diagram for BNG.VRUtils:

Public Member Functions

void Log (string msg)
void Warn (string msg)
void Error (string msg)
void VRDebugLog (string msg, Color logColor)
void CullDebugPanel ()
AudioSource PlaySpatialClipAt (AudioClip clip, Vector3 pos, float volume, float spatialBlend=1f, float randomizePitch=0)

Public Attributes

Color LogTextColor = Color.cyan
Color WarnTextColor = Color.yellow
Color ErrTextColor = Color.red
Transform DebugTextHolder
string LastDebugMsg


static VRUtils Instance [get]

Detailed Description

Static Utilities to help with development, such as logging to World Space.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CullDebugPanel()

void BNG.VRUtils.CullDebugPanel ( )

◆ Error()

void BNG.VRUtils.Error ( string  msg)

◆ Log()

void BNG.VRUtils.Log ( string  msg)

◆ PlaySpatialClipAt()

AudioSource BNG.VRUtils.PlaySpatialClipAt ( AudioClip  clip,
Vector3  pos,
float  volume,
float  spatialBlend = 1f,
float  randomizePitch = 0 

◆ VRDebugLog()

void BNG.VRUtils.VRDebugLog ( string  msg,
Color  logColor 

◆ Warn()

void BNG.VRUtils.Warn ( string  msg)

Member Data Documentation

◆ DebugTextHolder

Transform BNG.VRUtils.DebugTextHolder

◆ ErrTextColor

Color BNG.VRUtils.ErrTextColor = Color.red

◆ LastDebugMsg

string BNG.VRUtils.LastDebugMsg

◆ LogTextColor

Color BNG.VRUtils.LogTextColor = Color.cyan

◆ WarnTextColor

Color BNG.VRUtils.WarnTextColor = Color.yellow

Property Documentation

◆ Instance

VRUtils BNG.VRUtils.Instance

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