VR Interaction Framework v2.0
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BNG.ProjectileLauncher Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BNG.ProjectileLauncher:

Public Member Functions

GameObject ShootProjectile (float projectileForce)
 Returns the object that was shot.
void ShootProjectile ()
void SetForce (float force)
float GetInitialProjectileForce ()

Public Attributes

GameObject ProjectileObject
 Launch this from the.
float ProjectileForce = 15f
AudioClip LaunchSound
ParticleSystem LaunchParticles
Transform MuzzleTransform
 Where the projectile will launch from.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInitialProjectileForce()

float BNG.ProjectileLauncher.GetInitialProjectileForce ( )

◆ SetForce()

void BNG.ProjectileLauncher.SetForce ( float  force)

◆ ShootProjectile() [1/2]

void BNG.ProjectileLauncher.ShootProjectile ( )

◆ ShootProjectile() [2/2]

GameObject BNG.ProjectileLauncher.ShootProjectile ( float  projectileForce)

Returns the object that was shot.

The object that was shot

Member Data Documentation

◆ LaunchParticles

ParticleSystem BNG.ProjectileLauncher.LaunchParticles

◆ LaunchSound

AudioClip BNG.ProjectileLauncher.LaunchSound

◆ MuzzleTransform

Transform BNG.ProjectileLauncher.MuzzleTransform

Where the projectile will launch from.

◆ ProjectileForce

float BNG.ProjectileLauncher.ProjectileForce = 15f

◆ ProjectileObject

GameObject BNG.ProjectileLauncher.ProjectileObject

Launch this from the.

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