VR Interaction Framework v2.0
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BNG.InputBridgeEditor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BNG.InputBridgeEditor:

Public Member Functions

override void OnInspectorGUI ()
void DrawLabelFloat (string labelName, float value)
void DrawLabelVector2 (string labelName, Vector2 value)
void DrawLabel (string labelName, float value)
void DrawLabel (string labelName, bool active)
void setupRichText ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawLabel() [1/2]

void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.DrawLabel ( string  labelName,
bool  active 

◆ DrawLabel() [2/2]

void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.DrawLabel ( string  labelName,
float  value 

◆ DrawLabelFloat()

void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.DrawLabelFloat ( string  labelName,
float  value 

◆ DrawLabelVector2()

void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.DrawLabelVector2 ( string  labelName,
Vector2  value 

◆ OnInspectorGUI()

override void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.OnInspectorGUI ( )

◆ setupRichText()

void BNG.InputBridgeEditor.setupRichText ( )

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