VR Interaction Framework v2.0
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BNG.AutoPoser Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BNG.AutoPoser:

Public Member Functions

virtual void UpdateAutoPose (bool lerp)
virtual void UpdateAutoPoseOnce ()
 Runs UpdateContinuously for one second.
HandPoseDefinition GetAutoPose ()
HandPoseDefinition CopyHandDefinition (HandPoseDefinition ToCopy)
FingerJoint GetJointCopy (FingerJoint ToClone)
List< FingerJointGetJointsCopy (List< FingerJoint > ToClone)
bool GetThumbHit (HandPoser poser)
bool GetIndexHit (HandPoser poser)
bool GetMiddleHit (HandPoser poser)
bool GetRingHit (HandPoser poser)
bool GetPinkyHit (HandPoser poser)
virtual bool LoopThroughJoints (List< Transform > fromJoints, List< FingerJoint > toJoints, Vector3 tipPosition, float tipRadius)
virtual bool IsValidCollision (Collider col)
 You can overrride this method to add your own collision validation logic.
void DrawJointGizmo (FingerTipCollider tipCollider, Vector3 defaultPosition, float radius, GizmoDisplayType gizmoType)

Public Attributes

HandPose OpenHandPose
HandPose ClosedHandPose
float FingerTipRadius = 0.00875f
FingerTipCollider ThumbCollider
FingerTipCollider IndexFingerCollider
FingerTipCollider MiddleFingerCollider
FingerTipCollider RingFingerCollider
FingerTipCollider PinkyFingerCollider
bool UpdateContinuously = false
HandPose IdleHandPose
LayerMask CollisionLayerMask = ~0
bool ShowGizmos = true
GizmoDisplayType GizmoType = GizmoDisplayType.Wire
Color GizmoColor = Color.white
HandPoser InspectedPose


HandPoseDefinition CollisionPose [get]
bool CollisionDetected [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CopyHandDefinition()

HandPoseDefinition BNG.AutoPoser.CopyHandDefinition ( HandPoseDefinition  ToCopy)

◆ DrawJointGizmo()

void BNG.AutoPoser.DrawJointGizmo ( FingerTipCollider  tipCollider,
Vector3  defaultPosition,
float  radius,
GizmoDisplayType  gizmoType 

◆ GetAutoPose()

HandPoseDefinition BNG.AutoPoser.GetAutoPose ( )

◆ GetIndexHit()

bool BNG.AutoPoser.GetIndexHit ( HandPoser  poser)

◆ GetJointCopy()

FingerJoint BNG.AutoPoser.GetJointCopy ( FingerJoint  ToClone)

◆ GetJointsCopy()

List< FingerJoint > BNG.AutoPoser.GetJointsCopy ( List< FingerJoint ToClone)

◆ GetMiddleHit()

bool BNG.AutoPoser.GetMiddleHit ( HandPoser  poser)

◆ GetPinkyHit()

bool BNG.AutoPoser.GetPinkyHit ( HandPoser  poser)

◆ GetRingHit()

bool BNG.AutoPoser.GetRingHit ( HandPoser  poser)

◆ GetThumbHit()

bool BNG.AutoPoser.GetThumbHit ( HandPoser  poser)

◆ IsValidCollision()

virtual bool BNG.AutoPoser.IsValidCollision ( Collider  col)

You can overrride this method to add your own collision validation logic.

◆ LoopThroughJoints()

virtual bool BNG.AutoPoser.LoopThroughJoints ( List< Transform >  fromJoints,
List< FingerJoint toJoints,
Vector3  tipPosition,
float  tipRadius 

◆ UpdateAutoPose()

virtual void BNG.AutoPoser.UpdateAutoPose ( bool  lerp)

◆ UpdateAutoPoseOnce()

virtual void BNG.AutoPoser.UpdateAutoPoseOnce ( )

Runs UpdateContinuously for one second.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ClosedHandPose

HandPose BNG.AutoPoser.ClosedHandPose

◆ CollisionLayerMask

LayerMask BNG.AutoPoser.CollisionLayerMask = ~0

◆ FingerTipRadius

float BNG.AutoPoser.FingerTipRadius = 0.00875f

◆ GizmoColor

Color BNG.AutoPoser.GizmoColor = Color.white

◆ GizmoType

GizmoDisplayType BNG.AutoPoser.GizmoType = GizmoDisplayType.Wire

◆ IdleHandPose

HandPose BNG.AutoPoser.IdleHandPose

◆ IndexFingerCollider

FingerTipCollider BNG.AutoPoser.IndexFingerCollider

◆ InspectedPose

HandPoser BNG.AutoPoser.InspectedPose

◆ MiddleFingerCollider

FingerTipCollider BNG.AutoPoser.MiddleFingerCollider

◆ OpenHandPose

HandPose BNG.AutoPoser.OpenHandPose

◆ PinkyFingerCollider

FingerTipCollider BNG.AutoPoser.PinkyFingerCollider

◆ RingFingerCollider

FingerTipCollider BNG.AutoPoser.RingFingerCollider

◆ ShowGizmos

bool BNG.AutoPoser.ShowGizmos = true

◆ ThumbCollider

FingerTipCollider BNG.AutoPoser.ThumbCollider

◆ UpdateContinuously

bool BNG.AutoPoser.UpdateContinuously = false

Property Documentation

◆ CollisionDetected

bool BNG.AutoPoser.CollisionDetected

◆ CollisionPose

HandPoseDefinition BNG.AutoPoser.CollisionPose

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